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So what are some common Oregon school options? Most students enroll at a traditional college and get started working towards earning their bachelors degree. While bachelors degrees typically take four years to earn, many high school seniors are getting into freshman-level college courses while they are still in high school. This allows some of them to either graduate before four years, take a lighter class load some semesters, or have the option of enrolling in optional elective classes they are interested in, but don't necessarily need for their degree. Read more about bachelors degrees.

Trade schools and vocational schools have seen a rise in enrollment the last few years as well. Trade schools and vocational institutes strive to train students to be able to become employed in a specific trade or vocation right after graduation. These schools teach just what the student needs to know -- no general education requirements needed. If you are interested in learning one of the trades taught at one of these training centers, this could be a good option. Learn more about these vocational institutes.

One of the fastest-growing career areas is criminal justice. Criminal justice can include a wide variety of careers, but it generally means law enforcement and legal work. Graduates may end up working at a federal law enforcement agency, a state or local agency, police department, or a private security service or legal office. Depending upon the career you are looking for, you can find a short training course, a four-year degree program, or a graduate program. Read more about a career in criminal justice.

Some high school graduates in Oregon are tired of the Northwest weather and want to go to college somewhere where it actually gets hot in the summer and doesn't rain all winter. Southern California, Austin and Phoenix are popular destinations for students wanting a warm-weather college. The only problem with going to college in a warm-weather city is that your parents will want to come visit you during the winter. Search Arizona schools.

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