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Let's talk about a few college options.

Information technology is a broad field that is considered one of the top subject areas to get into. IT graduates can find employment in a variety of jobs and in almost every kind of company or organization. And you don't have to try to get a bachelor's degree in computer science, if you don't think you have the background for it, there are other IT and information management career fields that don't require that level of dedication and work.

Culinary arts is also drawing a lot of interest these days. It could be because of all of the cooking shows and cooking contest shows on television, but for whatever reason, enrollment in culinary schools is going up. Learn more about culinary arts training in Portland.

Interior design is a specialty area of decorating and design that some people find fascinating. While there aren't many schools that teach interior design, the schools that do offer this major, or offer a concentration in their general design curriculum, find that these classes fill up pretty fast. You can take a look at local Oregon options at

Business is still one of the biggest college programs. Business administration, finance, accounting and marketing majors make up a big portion of most colleges' enrollment. And most colleges offer business degrees. So if business is going to be your major, you will have a lot of options, but locally or in a neighboring state, such as California. Read more about business majors.

Or if you want to go to college really far away, Miami is about as far away as you can get. Some high school graduates find the weather, the night life and the general atmosphere of Miami to be not very conducive to studying and getting good grades. It will depend upon your own personality. Learn more.

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