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Portland students can enroll at a college such as University of Portland, but they have other options as well. Our school search tool can show you some of these other options:

One college major you may not have considered, but which is becoming very popular, is animation design. Computer animation design is attracting individuals with some artistic talent, but who don't see themselves working in traditional art media. Animation is all about technology and software, so animation graduates are well-prepared to start working right after graduation. www.Computer Animation is a website that can help you out if you're interested.

Local Portland students have some different schools to choose from. While the two big state colleges are out of town, Portland offers some strong vocational schools. Vocational institutes can get someone ready for a job in under one year. These schools are affordable and don't have some of the drawbacks that big universities do -- high tuition, no parking, expensive books, and lots of general education classes.

If you are interested in one of the categories that these schools offer, you could certainly check into it. And if you can't find one that is convenient to you, you may even be able to find some online programs, but trade school options online are generally much smaller than traditional colleges. Online vocational school options.

If your personal situation is such that you just can't commute to a campus five days a week, then an online option is your only resort. Fortunately, there are some good programs for Oregon residents. A site such as Online Degrees can help you see some of the most popular choices in Oregon.

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